Those of you who oversee the ICT budget, know that budgets for 2009 are reduced by at least 40% than what was originally put in. As the Economic problems continue to increase pressure, you may want to rethink the vendors you have selected for your company, or even think about substituting your legacy applications with more cost effective or lower cost alternatives.

About 85% of the surveyed companies in 2008 were already using Open Source Applications. The other 15% had plans to incorporate Open Source within their enterprise in 2009. Still not convinced?

  • Server software
    Linux - the obvious choice for system administrators these days. According to a new Gartner study, About 52% of the companies surveyed are already using open-source server software and another 23% plan to use it within the next 12 months.
  • Desktop/laptop software
    Linux - Linux as an operating system for the desktop is much less established in enterprise use, with 39% of respondents in the Gartner survey currently using it and another 22% expecting to use it within the next year. Many of the vendors provide free distributions or are at significantly lower cost to some of the most complex tasks or functions that run your Enterprise today.
  • Database software
    MySQL - the best and most cost effective choice for a free database.
  • Web browsers
    Firefox - A free and more secure alternative to Microsofts web browser;
  • Productivity software
    Open Office - An excellent free alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Project management
    OpenProj - A great open source alternative to Microsofts own solution. Even provides support for the MS Project format;
    Basecamp - This tool allows you to collaborate on your project with anybody who owns a web browser;
  • Content management systems
    Joomla! - This CMS allows you to run websites or intranets without the hassle of developing specific functionality;
    Alfresco Open Source Content Management - an Open Source CMS for your web site, intranet or both.
  • Audio & web conferencing
    Dimdim - a great voice and web collaboration tool;
    Yugma - yet another free collaboration and conferencing solution.
  • Network applications
    Zabbix - a great network, server and application monitoring tool;
    Nagios - another complete monitoring tool;
    Zimbra - a great messaging and collaboration platform, that can easily outperform Microsofts collaboration solution.
  • Screencast applications
    Krut - a nice application which allows you to create screencasts for tutorials, etc...