LMS International is an engineering services and software company.

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Subcontracting for Cumputacenter, Critter has provided system architecture, engineering and operational support for 1000+ users

  • Migration of existing Exchange 2003 infrastructure to Exchange 2007;
  • Migration of mail relay infrastructure to Symantec MessageLabs;
  • Migration of the AD Hardware to a new and more performant system;
  • Migration of the backup solution to more performant system;
  • Migration of AD users of a bought-up company;
  • Migration of UNIX-based printing (lpd) to Debian CUPS;
  • Migration of UNIX-based NIS to Debian Linux;
  • Maintain Linux, Unix and Windows systems;
  • Update and manage internally developed intranet (php, mssql);
  • Migrate UNIX scripts to Linux (sh, csh, ksh, bash);
  • Revise internally developed user/group creation scripts (ms-dos, VBScript, Powershell)